Refined Artistry - AGL Spring/ Summer 2018 News

     Exciting Spring/Summer 2018 news from AGL - the advertising campaign was created in partnership with artist Bryan Adams,#AGLshoestrilogy celebrates women in all their glory. The images pay homage to a beguiling minimalism, designed for women who are well aware of the riches hidden in their personality, their culture and their thoughts.

 We encounter a woman, an unabashed and unusual beauty whose work and success have been forged over time with steadfastness and determination. Actress, independent films producer, player of multi-layered characters and originator of career choices that are unique but never insignificant. Maggie Gyllenhaal, an artiste equally at ease in hot and irreverent roles who has carved her own niche, playing women never underwhelming in their complexity. She is the Giusti sisters’ muse, a consummate personification of the contradictions that make up every woman. Strong yet fragile, flirty yet proud, pristine yet dark. Maggie is the epitome of sophistication, motion and the avant-garde – the three core values shared by the sisters and the brand. 

 The idea of a triptych is also echoed in the three pictures, reflecting three products: the FLUID mule, the SOUTACHE ballet flat and the TATTOO sandal – all of them minimalist, cutting-edge models that praise a love of craftsmanship understood as the knowledgeable choice of materials and the creation of simple geometric shapes, with a perfect fit and bearing unique details. In their Collection, the Giusti sisters find expression for the trilogy of feminine feeling, where tradition forms the basis for evolution and style, unique and multifaceted, is resolutely created by women, for women.

   Halfway between innovation and trend, ARCA offers a highly modern, avant-garde interpretation of the sneaker. Sock-fit footwear is the current trend and, for the Spring Summer ’18 collection, the Giusti sisters are offering their interpretation, featuring the minimalism of an elasticized cotton sock bootleg, sewn to an ultra light, natural rubber sole with a graphic design, an AGL exclusive. The precious silk satin bow on the back is the feminine signature of Sara, Vera and Marianna. As always, their attention to detail and customized touches make the items created in the AGL workshops unique.

   Denim, an icon of street-wear, interpreted in a luxurious tone through its handcrafted weaving, which creates a tone-on-tone patchwork effect, the result of the know-how that forms the foundation of AGL creations. The design of the upper around the ankle presents a play of waves which lets the leg peek through for a touch of femininity. The raw-edged denim creates spontaneous fraying, contributing to a casual allure, perfect for day, while the silver heel add glimmer that shines at night under the city lights.   From a work brunch to an evening out with friends, the bootie and the clutch become summer must-haves for style and sophistication.

   Retro charm and precious allure. JEWEL is a perfect marriage of luxury and sophistication, both inherent in the brand’s DNA, expressed through simple, proportioned lines that evoke a timeless elegance. The jeweled buckle creates plays of light along with the shiny finish on the super soft leather in edgy colors that restore a touch of irony and modernity to this creation, the re-issue of a model from the AGL archives that Sara, Vera and Marianna sought to deconstruct and reinterpret with their modern feminine taste.

  When transparency becomes eye-catching. RING is an avant-garde creation where the evanescence of the materials is the Giusti sisters’ true coup de theatre. Minimal, geometric and light, the clear vinyl thong represents the artistic height of the Spring Summer ’18 collection, with its versatility that lends itself to be interpreted freely by the woman who wears it. An eclectic creation, symbol of the typically AGL union between art and playfulness.

   In their collections, the Giusti sisters love to express femininity in every sense of the word. At times through androgynous touches, at other times with distinctly sensual shapes and materials like with SHARP, a creation specifically designed to amaze and allure. The extremely tapered shape is balanced by the narrow, oval, 4-cm-high heel, which gives lightness and stability. 

The clean, harmonious lines emphasize the precious quality of the Ayers python skin, an innovative material attesting to the ongoing research and innovation at the AGL workshops. A creation that celebrates Made in Italy craftsmanship and femininity, to be worn for a special occasion or simply to make a lasting impression.

   SOUTACHE is the fruit of AGL manufacturing skill. A ballet flat in a contemporary design and at the same time displaying an ancient manufacturing technique, as the name suggests. The soutache is the result of skillful handcrafting where cotton is bent and twisted to create different figures, for a highly dramatic effect. The tapered ballet flat cloaks the foot in this impressive embroidery which recalls the luxurious, romantic charm of women’s lingerie. The cotton micro-mesh lace wraps around the leg lending the flat a distinct sensuality.

 Real brushstrokes of vivid, flashy, bright colour. Made entirely of suede, the STAIN  slides have a minimal design with soft lines, paired with the square shape of the leather sole. STAIN is the must-have accessory for summer 2018 to add colour to your outfit. The model is versatile and practical, with its foot-hugging structure and soft, glove-like fit, typical of AGL Made in Italy footwear.

   By popular demand, the THREE BAGs are back, but this time with a new component: the small, practical and versatile shoulder bag. Made of calfskin, they share the same design yet come in different sizes, like Russian nesting dolls. 
The Sara bag is the largest and, with its ample capacity and minimal style, is the bag to wear every day. The Vera bag, smaller in size, is ideal for leisure time; whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or having a cocktail with friends, it’s always the right accessory. For special occasions, the three sisters offer the Mini bag, the smallest of the three. Perfect in its diminutive design, it has room for you to carry only your essentials, which, at times like these, are all you need.

   Simplicity permeated with a touch of irony. This is the inspiring principle upon which AGL creations are based, crafted with techniques in the Made in Italy tradition. The mix and match of minimal design and unexpected details is the leitmotif. Cross-crossed black leather or clear vinyl, hugging your foot like a glove, are paired with a natural leather sole, typical of classic men’s footwear, creating a contrast of styles between feminine inspiration and androgynous character, which has always guided the creative verve of the Giusti sisters. Thus the WRAP sandal conquers the contemporary woman who loves to dazzle with style.