"Lyrics of Fashion" Marc O'Polo Spring/Summer 2018

  The life of Ernest Hemingway has been described as "a symphony of movements defined by the women he loved". Taking inspiration from the four wives who gave him strength while serving as his muse, MARC O’POLO Women’s Casual translates style into emotions. The changing, contrasting, sometimes conflicting moods of the legendary author’s wives are reflected in choices of colour, quality, look and feel.
A key element of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection is juxtaposition: Satin mingles with linen and cotton blends, functional over-sized pocket details meet delicate ajour patterns, menswear-inspired blazers live side-by-side with feminine wrap dresses and bold flower prints. The interplay of workwear functionality and seductive femininity creates a sense of moodiness and surprise. Emotion doesn’t lie.
Casual luxury – simple, easy styles that are enhanced by beautiful yarns – pervades the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, as exemplified by a T-shirt dress in exceptionally soft and recycled jersey. A certain eclecticism can nevertheless be found in each delivery, as ruffles, tulip cuffs and other feminine details are combined with more basic, laid-back styles, sometimes as a part of a look, sometimes within a single garment.

Colours this season reflect the collection’s dynamic emotional range. The dark blue of Manic Midnight, the feminine olive of Dusty Sage and the champagne hue of Cedarwood are accented by eye-popping Bright Magenta in January. The dark grey of Charcoal Dust, the trench-coat tan of Tender Fawn and the off-white  subtlety of Calm Ceramic are accented by the brilliant yellow of Lemon Taste in February.

   As with the main line, the emphasis in MARC O’POLO (White Label) this season is on contrast and juxtaposition, not only in colours – white with black or dark blue, for example – but in qualities, shapes and moods. Purity and clarity meet romance and femininity as clean, cool lines are mixed with ruffles and tulip shapes. The sharpness of tailored scuba, a key quality this season, is set off by the feminine fluidity of silk.
From doubled bi-colour knit to double-face outdoor cotton to big, colourful, all-over flower prints, MARC O’POLO (White Label) explores the emotional significance of fabrics and qualities, not just on their own but in relation to one another. With colours such of Placid Emerald and Frisky Blue, MARC O’POLO (White Label) manages both to harmonize with the main collection and define an emotional space all its own.