Ditch Dry Skin - Top Moisturizing Tips

 The transition from autumn to winter is always one that needs special care – the weather is changing and so is our skin! It’s time to make way for some extra time in our daily routine for some skin TLC...

Shower. Exfoliate. Moisturize

  Harsh weather can really take its toll on our bodies – and with hot showers and cosy nights in becoming more and more appealing, our skin sets alarm bells ringing. Heat causes skin to dry out rapidly – so we need products that repair lost moisture.
Exfoliating scrubs can help to cleanse dead skins cells and make way for an intense body moisturizer that can really stay put. Simply apply in a circular motion, paying special attention to tough areas like elbows and knees. Rinse off using warm water rather than hot, as the best way to close pores is with freezing cold if you’re feeling brave!

Towel dry your skin in a patting motion and then apply a body butter or intense hydration moisturizer – products containing vitamin E and Shea butter are ideal. Moisturizing daily is the best way to avoid cellulite and improve uneven lumps and bumps. Hand and foot creams should be applied at least once a week for optimum smoothness – just apply in the evenings while watching your favorite TV show and let them soak in well before bed.


Face off

From striking sunrays to bitter winds, our skin is arguably the most vulnerable when it comes to facing the elements. It needs constant protection and cleansing to keep out chemicals we don’t even realize are in the air – and red noses are something we definitely don’t want trending this season!
Take care to cleanse and tone thoroughly – micellar water is huge right now. Follow up with a moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera – it’s like drinking a big glass of water with your face!

Night in

So your make up is off, the heating is turned down and you’re about to get into bed, let’s stop right there! Night creams and overnight masks can really make your skin go that extra mile. Minimal effort – just slap on and sleep! You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Hydrated inside out

The biggest rule for maintaining the moisture not just through products is also through natural resources. Water is an integral part of daily life and we lost it constantly through our eating and drinking habits. Get through the day in the best possible way by drinking 1.5-2 liters of water – whether that is on its own or through juice or smoothies. When exercising, it’s vital to increase your fluid intake as sweating also causes for hydration loss, and yes, that means before, during and after exercise!
Vitamins and supplements are another way to ensure a glowing complexion – the best thing? It’s 5 seconds of your time and a long-lasting, healthy result! Just take one every morning with your breakfast and you’re good to go! 
So what are you waiting for? Drive away those dry skin devils by mastering the moisture multi-task!
 BABOR ReVersive Anti-Aging Dual Serum(set of 4) - Thanks to the innovative booster technology, the serum is freshly activated for a one-week application. Once it is activated, the two phases of the serum blend together to form a micro-emulsion, which penetrates the skin noticeably deeper and faster. This is what gives the RE-YOUTH COMPLEX in this serum its highly intensive action. The set contains four little bottles of ReVersive anti-aging dual serum, each of which is designed for seven days’ use. For best results, it should be applied over a four-week period, in harmony with the skin’s natural renewal cycle.

 BABOR SPA Vitamin ACE Body Cream - Vitamin ACE Body Cream provides a real vitamin boost and is ideal for the care of dry skin on the body. Leaves the skin looking smoother and more supple and helps improve its resistance. Apply daily, after a shower or bath, and massage gently into the skin.

 SISLEY Paris Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream - The perfect daily skin care for replumping the skin and promoting the complexion's radiance. It is based on the three fundamentals of the Black Rose range for ever more effectiveness and pleasure: -an infinitely sensory texture, -a delicate yet addictive fragrance, -immediate and long-term youthful actions. Intensely hydrated, the skin is infused with moisture. It appears replumped and smoothed. The face appears rested and more luminous. 

 CLARINS Multi-Active Day - Designed for dry skin helps prevent and visibly correct the appearance of fine lines thanks to new Myrothamnus extract. The new extract minimises the impact of daily stress to help keep skin smooth and radiant. With technology powered by plant extracts and the latest breakthroughs in botanical research, these treatments visibly diminish the first signs of ageing, restore radiance, hydrate and maintain younger looking skin. 

 CLARINS Double Serum - New Clarins Double Serum is a Complete Age Control Concentrate formulated to help work on the 5 vital functions of the skin for a more youthful and radiant complexion. Now containing 21 active plant extracts including new star ingredient turmeric, distinguished for its exceptional anti-ageing properties. New Double Serum acts on the appearance of major signs of skin-ageing, skin is more radiant, firmer and fine lines are smoothed. The new innovative bottle delivers a made-to-measure dosage of the serum, thanks to its rotating push button. 
 DR. BRONNER'S Organic Hand & Body Lotion Patchouli Lime - Nourish and hydrate skin with good ingredients: organic jojoba oil to heal and soothe, organic coconut oil to moisturize, organic hemp and avocado oils to keep skin smooth and supple.

 DERMALOGICA Total Eye Care SPF15 - An advanced alpha hydroxy eye treatment cream to help protect and repair the delicate eye area while reducing the appearance of dark circles and lines. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour. After cleansing in the morning,  gently pat around the entire eye area, blending inward from the outer corner. Contains chemical-free SPF Titanium Dioxide to prevent further UV damage.  Optical light diffusers help minimize dark circles.  Spiraea Extract helps firm and reduce puffiness and fine lines.

 NOVEXPERT Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid - Ultra Soft Cleansing-Make up Remover -Enriched in pure hyaluronic acid, the number one molecule used in anti-aging treatments. The 1st micellar water 100% natural 3 in 1: cleanser, make-up remover, anti-aging care.

 DERMALOGICA Skin Smoothing Cream - Medium-weight moisturiser to balance combination/dry skin. With soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while improving texture, helping to restore suppleness and tone. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour. Deep-moisturising Lecithin and Aloe Gel nourish while extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica soothe and hydrate the skin, helping to restore suppleness and tone. Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract plus vitamins C and E help shield skin from environmental assaults.

credits: beautypress