BABOR SPA - Amazing Wellness

  If you'd like to have a totally holistic experience for body, mind and soul, then you should try the BABOR SPA treatments - they touch your inner self. The new BABOR body care line creates a SPA experience that extends far beyond the moment of indulgence. BABOR SPA allows you to celebrate yourself with relaxing beauty treatments at SPAs, as well as at home. You can chose between four body lines. The wellness fragrances and soothing textures of BABOR SPA products give you the incomparable luxury of getting back in touch with yourself.

 BABOR SPA – in touch with your needs

BABOR SPA combines state-of-the-art formulas with exquisite fragrance compositions to create a uniquely indulgent SPA experience. BABOR uses the original powers of rare, centuries-old fruits – Champagne pear and wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis) berries – to create modern textures with convincing anti-aging effects. With the aid of stem cell technology, BABOR worked together with the Fraunhofer Institute to develop these extracts exclusively for BABOR SPA.

Stem cells – undifferentiated cells that can perform a wide variety of functions – are also found in the skin, in the basal membrane. They form new skin cells, and are therefore crucial for skin regeneration. If these stem cells are damaged by free radicals, for example, the cell renewal process slows down, causing skin to age. Stem-cell extracts of Champagne pear and Sorbus torminalis fruits protect the skin's stem cells and thus extend their lifespan. In this way, BABOR combines anti-aging formulas with fragrant moments of indulgence.

The four BABOR SPA lines:

BABOR SPA SHAPING – Shapes your inner self. With Sorbus torminalis fruit stem cells and other figure-enhancing ingredients.

BABOR SPA ENERGIZING – Awakens your inner self. With Champagne pear stem cells and an energizing fragrance.

BABOR SPA RELAXING – Relaxes your inner self. With Champagne pear stem cells and a calming fragrance.

BABOR SPA BALANCING – Strengthens your inner self. With Champagne pear stem cells and a warm fragrance.

Here are some of my favourites from the BABOR SPA.


Body Soufflé: This intensely moisturising, creamy body soufflé with stem cell extracts of Champagne pear melts on the skin and absorbs extremely well. Shea butter, sesame oil and argan oil condition the skin, while natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) supply moisture and bind it in the skin. 200 ml                                               

Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub: This intensive salt and sugar oil scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Thanks to sweet almond oil, argan oil and macadamia nut oil, it conditions your skin while you exfoliate, leaving it soft and supple. 200 ml

Massage Bath & Oil: A massage and bath oil in one. Contains sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil and rice germ oil to condition the skin. 200 ml

Peeling Gel: The fresh peeling gel with lime extract removes dead skin cells, thus enabling active ingredients in subsequent products to be better absorbed. Panthenol supplies moisture, and lends the skin a smoother and more even appearance. 200 ml

Bi-Phase Body Foam: A bi-phase body foam with a stem cell extract of Champagne pear. Shaking the product creates a delicate foam that combines the moisturizing properties of a body oil with the excellent absorption behavior of a body lotion, without leaving a greasy film. Meadowfoam seed oil, panthenol and squalane protect the skin against dehydration and help to restore the lipid film. Skin is intensely nourished and feels soft and supple. 200 ml

Shower Milk to Foam: Shower Milk with a stem cell extract of Champagne pear, exclusive to BABOR, creates a special shower experience. When combined with water, Shower Milk transforms into a soft, pleasant foam. Meadowfoam seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil condition your skin even as you shower. 200 ml

Body Lotion: An anti-aging body lotion to promote skin elasticity and firmness. The Shaping Complex refines your silhouette, while stem cell extracts of the fruits of the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis) provide effective protection against premature skin aging, and thermal spring water remineralizes the skin. 200 ml

Peeling Cream: This smooth peeling cream with exfoliating grains made from cranberry seeds and cellulose gently refines your skin, enabling it to better absorb active ingredients. In addition to stem cell extracts of the fruits of the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis), it contains thermal spring water and menthol, which cools and refreshes the skin. 200 ml

Repair Hand Cream: Vitalizing thermal spring water and a stem cell extract of the fruits of the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis) provide extra care for the hands.  Softens age spots, thanks to daisy extract, and also makes a pleasant overnight mask. Other active ingredients are Shea butter to condition stressed hands and moisturising hyaluronic acid.100 ml

Vitamin ACE Body Cream: A power package with vitamins A, C, and E for dry skin. Vitamin A stimulates cell renewal, while vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and stimulates collagen synthesis, and vitamin E effectively traps radicals. A complex of stem cells from the fruits of the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis), thermal spring water and the Shaping Complex protect your skin and firm your silhouette. Shea butter additionally balances the hydrolipid layer. 200 ml

The products are available in selected BABOR Day and Hotel SPAs, and on the online shop at