Get Coachella Festival Ready

  Watch out, festival lovers! With spring/summer being at the ready, some great festivals around the globe are waiting for you. We all know that these types of events come with a special dress code and makeup – Gigi Hadid Kylie and Kendall Jenner were only three of the trend-setting celebrities spotted at last year’s Coachella Music Festival. Let’s take out those flower crowns and get festival ready with hair & makeup inspo!
Getting started
Before spending a fortune on new makeup, it’s important to consider that all of the products are easy to use, sweat and heat proof to stand the entire day.
Start your festival beauty routine with a peeling before applying some fake tan to get healthy-looking skin. However, don’t forget to apply enough sun protection; safe space in your bag when buying multi-purpose BB or CC creams that contain broad spectrum SPF and help protect, moisturize and even the skin throughout the day.
The more colorful, the better
Festivals are your chance to get playful with paint, so go color crazy from tip to toe! Start with your hair and apply some semi-permanent dye that will make your thatch look spectacular. Move on with your eyes and apply some eye shadow base to ensure they will sparkle all day and night long. Apply your favorite neon eye shadow or create your own eye shadow design by drawing a rainbow flower or star pattern on the lids and all around the eyes, using colored eyeliners. Don’t forget that festival makeup isn't just for your face! Let your imagination run free and continue down your neck to make the most of your design. A fancy nail polish will round out the look.
Glitter Queen
Glitter is on our festival essentials list. Grab a colorful eye shadow and pile your favorite glitter on top. A little Vaseline will help keep it in place. In case there’s still some glitter left, you can apply some of it to the root of your hair, using some wax as a base and hair spray to set the look.
For those of us who rather like to keep it more natural, glitter doesn't always have to be bright. Use a bronze or gold shade and wear the rest of your makeup nude for a chic look. Lip gloss is always a good idea when you are out and about as you can easily apply and reapply without a mirror. Choose a soft nude hue, which will prevent the noticeable need for a touch-up. Besides, Pastel colors are also ideal for daytime wear.
To achieve a perfect vintage look, slip into your favorite boho outfit, highlight the eyes with some fake lashes, a winged eyeliner and some glossy red lipstick.
Finish the look with some temporary tattoos for your arms, face or nails to add a final touch to the festival look. Ever tried some face decals? If you don’t have a steady hand, this is the thing for you! There are hundreds of “facial stickers”, ranging from flowery patterns to emojis – a guaranteed eye catcher for the upcoming festival season!

credits: beautypress