Kohl and Eyeliners - Perfect Beauty Look

It’s a classic: When it comes to your eye line, most of us rely on dark kohl or eyeliner to apply a line at the upper lash line, which is mostly curved upwards. But there are many other styles that are worth a try. beautypress presents the latest trends, and reveals tipps on how to perfectly apply eyeliner.

The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose
   There are many different ways to apply eyeliner: Be it liquid with a small brush or with a felt tip (that needs a bit more practice), as a gel-like texture from a tiny pot, or with a more solid pencil-like kohl. Even eye shadow can be used to create a lid line by applying it with a damped brush.
Some powder or an eye shadow base can be applied to make the look longer lasting.

Eyeliner Application 101
   Even though it seems to be easy, many of us have a hard time applying the perfect looking lid line. With liquid eyeliner, in particular, it is definitely a challenge. A mess up is harder to fix when using kohl, but small mistakes can be dabbed gently with a wet Q-tip. When applying kohl, it should always be well pointed.

In order to avoid a “sloping” eyelid line, you can support the elbows when applying the eyliner. The upper lid is gently tightened, the eyes shouldn’t be screwed up; otherwise the line will be uneven.

   A black eyelid line still is the classic version, however, this look, can appear too severe - especially when having fair hair and skin. “Softer” alternatives are brown or dark brown shades; darker skin types can also highlight their eyes with vivid white.
A colored kohl or eyeliner that subtly highlights the color of the eyes can be an eye catcher. Violet gives depth to brown eyes and makes green eyes shine. A bright blue also flatters brown eyes, whereas you can definitely experiment with contrasting colors such as brown, bronze and pink when having blue eyes.

For a night out, it can be a bit beyond that: try a glamorous version with precious gold or silver.
When applying a colored eye catching eyeliner, you can spare the eye shadow or bright lipstick.

Anything but Standard: New Styles
   Most of us apply eyeliner along the upper lid line. To create “The Sexy Sixties Style," a thin line of the – mostly – liquid eyeliner is applied, beginning from the inner corner of the eye that gets bigger towards the outer corner of the eye until it ends with a slight upturned sweep.
Intensely mascaraed lashes and highlighted eyebrows top off the look.

However, the designers at the fall/winter fashion weeks not only topped each other with their extraordinary dresses, but also thrilled the audience with creative looks in respect of the eye make-up. Fendi’s models had a featherish fringed lid line, whereas Antony Vaccarella indicated a star at the outer corner of the eye. In comparison, Kaviar Gauche’s white lid line, and Antonio Berardi’s turquoise-colored, sweeped version were rather classic.

credits to: beautypress.