Le Nécessaire de Beauté - Serge Lutens Beauty Essentials

  You already know that I absolutely love the Serge Lutens perfumes, and here is a Beauty Essentials update: the Fall 2015 Beauty News.

One of the "Nécessaire de Beauté" amazing beauty news is the: Fard à paupières Nr. 4 - La Messe des Ors "A wraith of gold from the kingdom of shadows". The eyshadow is perfect for a glamour Christmas look, or for a neutral day look.

 The lipstick/ fard à lèvres Nr. 11 - La Ceinture du Cardinal is another absolutely gorgeus beauty must-have from the Fall Collection."On your lips a crime of passion: in cardinal red". The lipstick is refillable, in a bold fuchsia rose.

 If you love a more nude look, and a less bold lipstick then the Lipstick/ Fard à lèvres Nr.12 L'Hypocrite is perfect for you! "He's on everyone's lips, that scoundrel". The lipstick is refillable, a plum beige neutral color.

 And some old favourites: The Exclusive Bottles. Created by Serge Lutens – with one or two new releases a year since 1992 – the collection now comprises thirty-seven exclusive fragrances, including the celebrated Tubéreuse criminelle, Cuir mauresque, Sarrasins, Boxeuses and Muscs Koublaï Khan.

 Serge Lutens Section d'Or has now five exclusive fragrances. The first one was L'Incendiaire  " The fire is not within the perfume but within me. I want to ignite the smouldering embers of the perfume world, to put the fire" back in perfume!"
Serge Lutens

The 4 new luxurious fragrances from the Section d'Or:

Cracheuse de Flammes ~ "Seduction is a weapon, the flames a language. I breathe the fire which ignites her passion! And in this war of fire, all that remains of the woman, the rose in this instance, is a burning passion."
Renard Constrictor - "The memory is but fleeting, it refuses to remain in my conscience. Like a timid furry creature, it retracts at a caress. It is a fear that stifles the hero."
Cannibale - "The cannibal is famished. How can we mention him without a reference to love? It leaves a vibrant acidity on the nose and on the skin, reminiscent of the floral vinegars of 18th century France."
Sidi Bel-Abbès - "From a forgotten time, an erased past, all that remains in our memory is the footprint in the sand of an anonymous love."
L'Haleine des Dieux - "The minuscule white flower which is sometimes added to a bouquet of roses is called gypsophila. In the UK it also goes by the name of baby’s breath. The volume it creates is the volume I had in mind, a misty breath of my gods, but in actual fact, I am God, the Devil and a woman!"

Section d'Or fragrances are available now at Le Palais Royal - Serge Lutens in Paris, in 50 ml Extrait de Parfum. 

The Beauty Essentials/ Le Nécessaire de Beauté are available at Palais Royal - Serge Lutens; on www.sergelutens.com and in department stores.