Doctor Babor Body Cellular

    Most women over a certain age know only too well what is meant by “problem areas.” Cellulite or spider veins, loss of firmness,stretch marks – all these factors do not exactly promote a sense of well-being. And when several of them occur simultaneously,they can affect your self confidence and body image. 

 However, age is not the only culprit. Genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances and external factors can also heighten the symptoms. To ensure that these esthetic problems do not get you down and make you feel uncomfortable in your skin, it is important to take active steps to help your body to regenerate.

DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR – this range encompasses six precisely formulated body performance products that are perfectly attuned to the needs of women, and tailored to tackle the most frequent problem areas. Each contains effective, plant-based high-tech active ingredients that significantly improve the skin structure. Problem areas are not a myth; they really exist and have been scientifically demonstrated. 
And age is not the only cause. Hormonal fluctuations and external factors also determine whether our bodies stay in shape. BABOR’s Research and Innovation Center has examined the causes of five typical problem areas and with DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR now offers a highly effective product range that is tailored exclusively to these areas of the body.  

  Ultimate Lipofill Bust Lotion - Nothing captures the essence of femininity more than a woman’s breasts. And the right skincare can enhance their beauty. ULTIMATE LIPOFILL BUST Lotion contains two active ingredients that improve bust contours: hexapeptide-38 stimulates fat storage in breast tissue, thus increasing volume and firmness. Hyaluronic acid can store up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, which has a plumping-up effect. The moisture reservoirs thus created provide an important space for storing elastin and collagen. Hyaluronic tripeptide stimulates the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid, resulting in very natural-looking sculpted female contours.

ULTIMATE FORMING BODY Cream - Stretch marks are not only an unwelcome side effect of pregnancy. They can develop when dermal tissue is stressed or overstretched as a result of hormonal fluctuations, major weight gain or loss, rapid growth or excessive exercise. Tripeptide-1 and Chlorella vulgaris extract, which is obtained from green algae, stimulate tissue regeneration. BIOGEN PLANT extract, which comprises eight different medicinal herbs, promotes cell regeneration particularly effectively and supplies moisture. Thanks to these active ingredients, ULTIMATE FORMING BODY Cream is not only ideal for improving stretch marks, but also intensively regenerates stressed skin.

Between 80 and 90 percent of all women over the age of 20 have signs of cellulite.  Cellulite is caused by parallel strands of connective tissue in female skin. These offer little resistance to fat cells in the dermis. Thanks to an innovative 3D active complex of hexapeptide-39, caffeine and forskolin, these two anti-cellulite products in the DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR range have a multilayer effect. Hexapeptide-39 inhibits fat cell maturation and together with caffeine prevents fat deposits in skin tissue. In addition, caffeine accelerates fat breakdown. Free fatty acids then have to be flushed out of the body. This is where forskolin comes into play. This active ingredient dilates the lymph vessels, so cellulite has no chance.

ULTIMATE COOLING LEG REFINER - This cooling gel-cream with the effective active complex of tetrapeptide-33 and purple/red algae extract brings relief to heavy legs and reduces unattractive spider veins. Tripeptide-33 soothes inflammatory responses and inhibits collagen degradation, which is associated with inflammation. Purple/red algae extract is highly effective in regulating blood pressure, circulatory disorders and narrowed blood vessels. In skincare products, the extract helps to increase the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels.

ULTIMATE POST EPIL Fluid - Hair removal can cause skin irritation, no matter which method is used. This calming fluid relaxes the skin after hair removal. Salicylic acid has a keratolytic effect, which enables dead skin cells to be sloughed off, thus preventing ingrown hairs. Panthenol and ethanol have a calming and slightly cooling effect on stressed skin and create a sense of wellbeing.