Ever Bloom - The New Fragrance from Shiseido

   We’ve all heard of a signature scent – one that suits you and your character, oozes elegance and turns heads.  When you find a fragrance that emanates YOU, it’s more like an imprint, more authentic.  But where do you find such a feat?  Enter the new Shiseido EVER BLOOM Eau de Parfum.

The Heritage
As one of the world's oldest cosmetics establishments and a pioneer in perfume, Shiseido has symbolized the alliance of East and West, and of art and science, as well as the happy union of Eastern aesthetics and Western know-how, since 1872.  For Shiseido, the woman is a muse and all the fragrant preparations are dedicated to her and pay her tribute.

For nearly a century, Shiseido has outlined the delicate contours of fine perfume as the most important final goal.  Kodo (the art of appreciating smells), is a significantly important ceremony in Japanese culture where participants patiently learn to "listen to the scent".
The Scent
Ever Bloom is indeed built on Shiseido heritage as Maison de parfums and the encounters between East and West with the fragrance being uniquely built around 2 accords.  The musky Presence Accord: Orange Blossom Absolute, Gardenia, Sylkolide Musk and the delicate Radiance Accord: Cyclamen, Lotus, Rose Essence.
The result is a benevolent aura of light and grace, a scent that suggests, in its own special way, a new femininity: softer, more incarnate and natural while ultimately enhancing your luminosity.  In fact, upon creating Ever Bloom, Master Perfumier, Aurélien Guichard sais, ‘First of all, I looked for a way to find the scent of a woman’s neck, very pure and dewy’, and so we have a fragrance that works with you – enhancing the beauty that is already there.
The Design
Typical of Shiseido, the bottle design captures the essence of the fragrance and its wearer with elegant straight lines that combine with delicate curves – a masterpiece in glass that defines the contours of a feminine body.
The Name
Ever Bloom are two words that are not only poetic, but that reveal much more.  Bloom nods to the floral scent and hints at the power of inner beauty, that Shiseido helps to express. Ever indicates that it’s not any kind of bloom; not an ephemeral one that you forget once you’ve noticed it but instead - an everlasting bloom that is delicate and eternal – just like a woman’s true beauty.
Like a flower with infinite charisma, Shiseido believes Ever Bloom presents the perfect allegory of a woman, able to captivate in an instant and remain in our memory…forever.

EVER BLOOM Eau de Parfum is available in 30 ml / 50ml / 90ml.
Shiseido will launch sales of fragrance Ever Bloom in 32 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East from October this year.

 To help the scent last all day, layer it with the other products in the range including Perfumed Shower Cream - 200ml for in-shower heaven and the Perfumed Body Lotion - 200ml for everyday wear or Perfumed Body Cream - 200ml for a more luxurious feel.