Nail It! Nail Tips & Trends

   It’s time to admit it- you probably don’t spend half as much time caring for your nails as you spend caring for your hair or perfecting that cat-eye eyeliner.  There are many ways to care for our nails, and one of the best ways is to care for our hands and feet entirely.


Hand, Feet, and Nail Care Tips:

1) Soak your hands and feet before you start your nail routine; after the shower is the best time. Use warm water, add Epsom salt to help alleviate any pain and add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to add to the pamper experience.

2) Exfoliate hands and feet regularly. Wash away dead skin cells that make skin look dull with your favorite exfoliator. While you can use an exfoliator on your feet, skin on the
feet is so rough it’s best to use a pumice stone to grind away with.
3) Moisturize after cleansing and sanitizing. Soaps and hand (especially) sanitizers strip essential oils from the hands. Using a moisturizer brings luster back to hands and nails. Careful with hand sanitizers, they make nail polish chip faster!

4) Use cuticle oil routinely to keep nail beds well moisturized. This really helps with pushing back the cuticle.

5) Hand creams and foot creams were made specifically to deliver beneficial ingredients to these parts of the bodies. Don’t underestimate the value of specific lotions for different parts of the body.

6) Always use a base and topcoat when painting nails. The base ensures a smooth, flawless application and the top coat seals that polish in to guarantee at least a couple extra days of a fresh manicure before polish starts to chip.


Spring/Summer Nail 2015 Trends:

1) Half moon manicures go pop art: Leveled to add volume to the half moon for a more 3Dlook. Bright colors like turquoise, coral, and red are bright enough to get all the right attention.

2) A classic one-color manicure is an understated impact this season: just a topcoat shine, crimson red, or glossy coral will do the trick.

3) Nail Art: 3D is the way to go, long gone are the days of squiggly lines of different colors to be called nail art. Appliques like gold chains, pearls, and even letters wow the crowd. If understated nail art is more your thing, than go completely bare with nails and add a super small stone for embellishment on either just one or two fingers. Matte topcoat for bonus points!

4) Double tipped French manicures: Think white tip and a bright pastel color lined right below or above the white line.

5) Stripe manicures: Either several small stripes against a bare nail or just one stripe down the middle, off-center, horizontally, or vertically are all the right ways to strip down your manicure this spring.


Courtesy of beautypress.