Beauty Is Ageless - Go Natural

We know true beauty comes from within - yet, most of us want to show the best of ourselves outwardly as well. As with everything in nature, our features, our skin, our bodies evolve and change over time. Nature's way is to replenish itself, we take it as our guide when finding skincare and beauty products to enhance natural beauty at any age.

For Living Nature anti-aging is about embracing ageless beauty and working with nature, rather than fighting against it. By harnessing the skin-beneficial properties of bioactive New Zealand native botanicals, Living Nature crafts skin care creations that work with the skin's natural regenerative powers to enhance your natural beauty, firming fine lines and restoring dewy freshness to the complexion.


Living Nature - Radiance Night Oil - a precious facial oil blend to boost skin's overnight rejuvenation and renewal process and nurture with the finest natural anti-aging ingredients. With finest Rose Oil to naturally stimulate your skin's own collagen production.

No toxic nasties, irritating chemicals or synthetic ingredients, just certified natural ingredients that provide healing, rehydrating, refreshing and rejuvenating benefits to parched, tired skin. Nourishing Active Manuka Honey, antioxidant Totara Extract, soothing Harakeke and restoring Rosehip Oil are Living Nature's anti-tox, anti-aging heroes. These potent ingredients from nature, when combined with Living Nature's expertise in anti-aging skincare, will help your skin look fresh and youthful and feel super-soft and truly naturally beautiful; whatever your age!

 Living Nature - Rich Day Cream - this cream combines Active Manuka Honey to draw in moisture, botanical emollients for deep nourishment, and native Totara Extract to help neutralise skin-ageing free radicals.


Living Nature - Firming Flax Serum - a potent serum for firmer, smoother skin. More powerful than aloe vera, the Harakeke Flax Gel in our award-winning Serum is a mild astringent, causing your pores to contract, preventing your skin from losing moisture for fewer fine lines and wrinkles. 

 Living Nature - Firming Eye Cream - with nourishing Active Manuka Honey and hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel, certified natural Firming Eye Cream is highly concentrated and easily absorbed, to help reverse the aging effects of stress and wear around your eyes. A natural humectant, the unique Manuka Honey nourishes the delicate tissue to promote cell regeneration, and its natural antimicrobial properties protect against bacteria, for brighter, healthier skin. 

Living Nature - Nourishing Night Cream - while you sleep, it restores elastin and collagen levels for firmer, younger-looking skin. It also helps increase Hyaluronic acid, adding moisture, plumping fine lines and leaving your skin soft and dewy.