Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation

Your skin tells your story. From emotions to time – your life is reflected and it is Shiseido’s core value to help us live a beautiful life and deliver beautiful skin. For over 140 years now, Shiseido’s pursuit for skin perfection fuses leading research and science and now finally, they can unveil state-of-the-art technology that not only instantly improves the appearance of skin but betters it over time too for a complexion that  looks its best now- and in the future.

Now, coming from the luxury high-performance Future Solution LX skincare range, Shiseido introduce the first ever cosmetic addition making the range ever more holistic for beautiful skin.  Enter the innovative new Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation.

The ultimate age-defying foundation for infinite beauty, this wonder product simultaneously creates light from inside and outside the skin, flooding skin with illuminating beauty, for skin that beams with flawless vibrancy.


Thanks to Shiseido’s exclusive Skingenecell 1P to counteract the appearance of future aging and 4MSK, an innovative brightening ingredient, you can expect a more luminous, even skin tone.

If you can imagine that dull lifeless skin is damaged with a low light diffusion level, then Skingenecell 1P improves skin cells fundamentally to maximise skins inherent ability to be beautiful, lightening it up from within.

4MSK meanwhile improves upon this by enhancing the clarity of radiance via reducing dark sports and uneven skin tone.

While the makeup effect of Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation focuses on creating more light on the skins surface with Aura Radiance Powder to optimize light to the skin, the skincare effects reflect beautiful light from within. The special structure of Light-filling Powder is designed to achieve high quality radiance by creating more diffused light, while Time Match Powder delivers a personal prescription for your skin type. Matt, dry skin becomes more lustrous and translucent while oily skin progresses shine into a mellow glow.

What’s more, fabulous ingredient Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid gives day long moisture.  Following the Shiseido skincare steps, the foundation is best applied after softener and moisturizer then, gathering a small pearl of foundation using the attached spatula, smooth on evenly from the center of the face outward.  Apply to one side of the face before starting the second side for all over coverage that glows. 

The result? Skin that is retextured, lifted and brightened for the ultimate healthy, glowing look.

Just like your destiny, your skins future is yours to define and this foundation lets you shine most beautifully.


Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation is available in 11 shades from October 2014.

Check it out at Sephora.