Enhance Ageless Beauty With Living Nature

 As we mature, we might need to reconsider how we apply our make-up and what cosmetics we use to enhance our natural beauty.  Rather than trying to hide fine lines and wrinkles, with more and more make-up, the secret is to embrace our natural beauty using a softer, lighter, more natural approach.  In line with Living Nature’s anti-ageing ethos, which works with nature to embrace ageless beauty, you can use the company’s range of certified natural Mineral Cosmetics to re-create your make-up look using a ‘less is more’ approach.
 The natural nature of Living Nature’s Mineral Cosmetics makes them kind and gentle on mature skin.  They also provide a beautiful, flawless finish, which is good for the skin and your health.  Using the finest of ingredients and combining minerals from the Earth with the beneficial properties of botanicals unique to New Zealand, Living Nature produces make-up that comes with the company’s mark of quality and reassurance of exceptional coverage, performance and reliability.  Iridescent colours softly enhance ageing beauty and natural oils and vitamins help hydrate and nourish mature skin, which often dries as we age.  Antimicrobial Manuka Oil also helps protect the complexion, helping to keep it clear and fresh.  

Unlike many cosmetics brands, which are loaded with synthetic or chemical ingredients, including known irritants, toxins, endocrine disruptors and even potential carcinogens, Living Nature takes a ‘less is more’ approach to the ingredients used in its skin care and cosmetics products.  All Living Nature’s Mineral Cosmetics products are effective and safe, not only because of what ingredients are included, but because of what is left out.  Living Nature has a simple philosophy, if there’s any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, it’s not used.  They only contain certified natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients and with Living Nature you won’t find any harsh surfactants, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, grain alcohols or chemical sun protection filters nor ingredients that are irradiated or genetically modified. 
Using Living Nature’s Cosmetics won’t disrupt your skin’s natural processes either!  Instead they’ll work in harmony to enhance your skin’s function and beauty; even if it’s delicate.  That’s great news for those that suffer from skin sensitivity, a common problem as we age.   What’s more, Living Nature’s mineral make-up is so pure and natural it allows your skin to breathe naturally and won’t clog your pores. 

Jeanne Balaam, Living Nature’s International Training Manager has provided some helpful hints for applying make-up to mature skin to enhance your natural beauty:

Mineral Make-Up Magic: natural mineral make-up is perfect for mature skin as the natural minerals help to reflect and refract the light away from the skin.  This is much more forgiving on ageing skin but, as an added bonus, it also helps protect against environmental damage. Use Living Nature’s comprehensive range of certified natural Mineral Cosmetics to re-create your make-up look for a softer, more natural effect.

Avoid Dark Colours: to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, avoid using dark intense colours, especially around the eyes where worry lines are more prevalent.  Dark shades of eye make-up accentuate lines and create a severe, hard look, so soften with lighter, more neutral shades.  Try Living Nature’s matte shades of Eyeshadow (rrp NZ$20 for a refillable single) that draw attention away from any areas of imperfection; use Sand,Tussock or Pebble.  Complement with FlaxSeed or River Stone Eye
Pencils (rrp NZ$29) and Blackened Brown Mascara (rrp NZ$41) for a softer yet eye-defining result. 

Say No To Shimmering Shades of Lipstick: don’t be tempted to use lipsticks with a high shimmer effect or too dark a shade either.  Both will emphasis ageing and accentuate lines. Choose a matte tone, very slightly darker than your natural lip colour and with a slight pink tone to really enhance and soften your features.  Living Nature’s Laughter, Woodsor Precious Lipsticks (rrp NZ$40), used with a Living Nature Lip Pencil (rrp NZ$29) to match your skin tone, will provide a highly desirable soft, subtle feel and look to lips. 

Use A Light Foundation: attempting to fill in lines with thick layers of foundation is not a good look, neither is using a colour that’s too dark as our skin often loses colour and lightens as we age.  A natural finish always looks more appealing so opt for a light foundation in a shade that’s close to your natural skin tone.  For a lovely, light, flawless finish use Living Nature’s certified natural Foundation (rrp NZ$55 for 30ml), recently awarded Best Liquid Foundation by The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible. 

Put Your Powder Away: to enhance ageless beauty also avoid using powder as this too can accentuate in the lines on the face.   Opting for a liquid foundation provides a light, natural, even finish, which naturally draws the eye away from facial lines.  Try Living Nature’s Soft LightsIlluminating Foundation (rrp NZ$55 for 30ml) to revitalise your complexion with a soft radiance and minimise the appearance of fine lines, especially since our skin is prone to becoming dull and lifeless as we age. Highly commended in the Natural Beauty Awards 2014, Soft Lights IlluminatingFoundation can also be added to Living Nature’s Foundation to deliver a more subtle effect if desired.

With a provenance of 27 years experience crafting highly efficacious certified natural skin care and cosmetics products, Living Nature is a name to be trusted.  As all products are certified natural by BDIH Germany, with Living Nature, there’s no green washing or any pseudo natural skin care products.  Living Nature’s products are so pure and natural they currently have one of the lowest, safest ratings on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database; so much so that Breast Cancer Network New Zealand has also endorsed the range.