Living Nature's Natural Lip Hydrator

   Day in and day out, we certainly put our lips through their paces!  Whether exposed to the elements, subjected to our eating, drinking or talking, licking, pouting or kissing, or daily applications of lipstick, our lips certainly have to work hard. What’s more, the skin on our lips is thin and delicate and has no self lubrication to keep them supple, smooth and moist, inhibit pathogens or regulate warmth.  As such, our lips need lots of love and attention and what better care to give them than the natural hydrating, protective and conditioning care of Living Nature’s new Lip Hydrator. Your lips will simply fall in love with this hydrating infusion from nature!

Living Nature’s new Lip Hydrator is a rich, long-lasting conditioning balm in a solid stick form and the latest "make-up must have" from New Zealand’s original, certified natural skin care and cosmetics brand.  Looking like a Living Nature Lipstick and an elegant essential for any pocket, purse or bag, Lip Hydrator naturally helps keep your lips moist, nourished and protected whilst also providing a gorgeous natural healthy sheen.  It can be worn alone during the day and applied at night for added moisture.  It’s also the perfect primer for wearing under your lipstick, helping to ‘prep’ lips for smooth, satiny coverage and lipstick that lasts longer. 


With its natural formulation and the health-giving properties of New Zealand’s active botanicals, you can also rely on Living Nature’s new Lip Hydrator to give your lips the extra special care they need. Hero ingredient, active manuka honey, with its natural antimicrobial benefits and the ability to enhance the skin’s renewal processes, is combined with a carefully selected formula of rich, moisture-enhancing plant butters and oils deeply hydrate, condition and restore and create the perfect protective layer for the delicate skin on your lips. Carrot oil helps keep lips smooth and plump and mica gives lips a healthy shine as well as providing natural sun protection.  Lip Hydrator glides on smoothly for effortless application, delivers a rich lip feel but doesn’t leave a nasty greasy texture on the lips. With its moisture-rich formulation, antimicrobial properties and antioxidant benefits, Lip Hydrator effectively conditions lips, as well as providing super softness, suppleness and soothing benefits to dry, sore, chapped or cracked skin.

The overriding beauty of Living Nature’s new Lip Hydrator is that it provides the safest, best possible care for your lips.  What we place on our lips is so important and with growing concerns over the amount of lip care product we accidentally ingest, using Living Nature’s Lip Hydrator provides reassurance you can rely on.  Certified natural by BDIH Germany and free of fragrance, allergens, synthetic chemicals and preservatives, this highly effective lip conditioner doesn’t contain the chemical "nasties" found in many mainstream lip balms.  In fact, Lip Hydrator is so pure and natural it is safe enough to eat!   Living Nature is also listed as a Safe Cosmetics Champion on Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database and has an industry-leading low incidence of skin reactions or sensitivities to its products. 

For soft, supple, smooth, kissable lips all year round, give them the very best; kiss them with the loving care of Living Nature’s certified natural Lip Hydrator; the natural hydration infusion your lips will adore!