Ego Facto & Fool For Love

Fool For Love - "A woman in love. So besotted is she that she has lost her bearings and almost everything else along with them"

Too beautiful to be true? Maybe not, if you let yourself seduce by the name of the perfume: Fool For Love. A torrid, spicy, floral composition, where everything is overdosed to express the feelings that we have when we fall in love, when we lose our heads and even our sense of time. An invitation for love's beautiful journey!

Ego Facto (Paris) was born out of the desire to create distinguished fragrances. So that everyone recognizes themself in their perfume without recognizing it on their  neighbors. You'll find 7 olfactory creations, all unique, high quality, and most importantly - one that corresponds to your personality. The creator behind the brand is Pierre Aulas - a perfectionist, striving for excellence, expertise and mastery in everything he undertakes. Musician, artist, perfume expert, he loves to transmit his passions and share his emotions.

Have a look at his universe, discover some of his creations:

Piège à Filles - Constructed on a round and snug "feminine" accord, in which the heliotrope flower and almond are dominant,
it numbs the vigilance of anyone it wants to seduce, and is the ultimate weapon of a Don Juan, a rather talented hunter. The spicy notes of cumin come through afterwards, followed by its animalic facets.
It’s too late. He’s got her trapped.


Prends garde à Toi - It resembles Carmen, the heroine of the famous opera. An unsettling blend of a sometimes masculine attitude, translated by a rather noticeable woody accord and a distinctive femininity, asserted by intoxicating egyptian jasmine. As free as a young gypsy, it is as airy as the wind that unveils the scent of the earth and the sea.

Poopoopidoo - At first, you could easily let yourself be fooled by its simplicity, as it is constructed on a simple, fresh and delicate harmony. One could mistake it for orange blossom water cologne. However, just like the person wearing it, it is not that well-behaved. It evolves quickly towards more powdery nuances.