Give your skin a drink of water!

Timpul rece si uscat odata cu venirea toamnei isi lasa amprentele pe tenul nostru. Am observat ca pielea e mai uscata, mai lipsita de prospetime si necesita mai multa atentie. Daca ma duc la piscina acest efect e si mai vizibil - clorul si apa fierbinte nu au nevoie de o introducere ampla.  Ati observat probabil si singure acest lucru. Daca aveti pielea uscata si doriti sa-i aduceti o hidratare eficienta, iata ultimele noutati cosmetice de la Living Nature, din Noua Zelanda -  Hydrating Toning Gel si Extra Hydrating Toning Gel.


    Is your skin thirsty and in need of a drink? Your facial skin might be lacking moisture and firmness due to over exposure to the sun or an air conditioned office. Alternatively, you might have particularly dry skin all year round. Whatever our skin type though, whether dry, mature, oily or combination, during the summer months many of us could benefit by giving our skin a hydrating drink of moisture! It’s also good to remember that thirsty skin loses elasticity faster and deepens those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. To rescue dull, tired, over-exposed skin and effectively restore moisture and rejuvenate the complexion, use LivingNature’s certified natural skin saviours, Hydrating Toning Gels, as part of your daily skin care regime.

   Toning skin each day with an alcohol or chemical based toner often strips it of vital moisture and can even alter the skin’s natural pH balance. Living Nature therefore takes a unique approach and replaces the traditional "cleanse, tone, moisturise" routine with "cleanse, hydrate, moisturise". Firstly, Living Nature’s Cleansers are light and water soluble so there is no need to use a traditional toner to remove cleanser residue from the skin. Instead, Living Nature harnesses the natural powers of some of New Zealand’s unique botanicals, known for their skin quenching properties and natural pH balancing actions, to help keep skin hydrated and hydrated skin is healthy skin! 

One of Living Nature’s hero ingredients, Harakeke, the New Zealand’s Flax plant, produces a hydrating gel that provides very similar benefits to Aloe Vera. This moisture-rich gel is at the heart of Living Nature’s Hydrating Toning Gels, delivering a superior soothing and hydrating action. Its antiseptic, healing properties also aid natural skin repair and its soothing qualities help calm irritated skin. Gentle in their nature yet highly effective in their action, Living Nature’s certified natural formulations also help promote the skin’s natural processes to ensure your skin always looks its best, hydrated and healthy.

  For oily or problem skin, use Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel: this refreshing, lightweight gel helps restore natural pH levels, prevent over-production of oils, refines the pores and firms and tones the skin, whilst simultaneously adding moisture, naturally. Soothing, calming Harakeke Gel tones and hydrates the skin whilst antibacterial Active Manuka Honey protects and nourishes to help refresh and restore the complexion and help maintain healthy skin. For best use, apply a small amount all over the face and neck after cleansing, wait 30 seconds and then apply a Living Nature moisturiser.

  For normal to dry and mature skin, use LivingNature Extra Hydrating Toning Gel :  this nutrient-rich gel is a special combination of Harakeke Gel, Active Manuka Honey and Larch Tree Extract that helps soothe, calm and repair dehydrated skin by drawing-in moisture, providing nourishment and vitality to tired skin as well as restoring the skin’s ideal pH balance of 5.5. Extra Hydrating Toning Gel should be used morning and night, applied all over the face after cleansing and left on for 30 seconds. Do not remove but follow by applying an appropriate Living Nature moisturiser.