Parisian Beauty

      Parisul are multe minuni, secrete bine pastrate si o eleganta innascuta. Adevaratele parizience stiu sa-si puna in valoare feminitatea, fara a recurge la accesorii tipatoare: mai curand genul "less is more"... O sa va prezint intr-un alt articol mai multe detalii despre stil si savoir-vivre, acum insa hai sa vedem cum reusesc sa fie pariziencele frumoase fara prea multe eforturi. PATYKA, este o marca "tinara" de produse de frumusete care reprezinta "the parisian beauty"...

    The Parisian beauty brand PATYKA praises women for being beautiful and remarkable every day. Patyka seduces everyone with its desire to reveal in ourselves the true beauty, the healthy glow. To conceive the beauty products PATYKA experts use plants with exceptional virtues and the latest biotechnology research. Inspired by the atmosphere of Paris, PATYKA is bewitched by the parisian imagination...
My favourite PATYKA product at the moment is HUILE ABSOLUE, Face and Body Serum:

PATYKA HUILE ABSOLUE, Face and Body Serum - it smells absolutely divine, and it has multiple uses:
On the face - in the evening, before the daily cream for more intense results. As first-aid, anti-jet lag skincare to instantly restore a fresh, well-rested appearance. As an intensive treatment to deeply replenish my skin's radiance and tone.
On the body - it's healing and calming in case of skin irritation, ultra-moisturizing and regenerating for very dry skin areas. It's soothing and rehydrating after hair removal. For a perfect manicure - to soften cuticles.
On my hair - to nourish, smooth the hair fibre and facilitate styling. It restores the shine and strength as a post-colour or bleach treatment mask. To nourish and revitalize hair ends damaged by the sun and the sea, or hairdyers.

     Other delightful treats for your skin and senses: PATYKA Bewithching Body Wash with white grape, and PATYKA Biokaliftin Intensive Moisturizing Mask - nourishing, plumping, wonderful for dehydrated, tight skin; anti-aging.