Beautiful style inspiration from Carolina Herrera

     Ati auzit cu siguranta de minunata Carolina Herrera, stilul sau plin de eleganta si feminitate. Iar daca nu o cunoasteti inca, o veti indragi imediat cu siguranta:)!

Behind the scenes, Fall 2013 Carolina Herrera:

The designer imagined a heroine of the 1940s: With her victory-roll coif and her wasp-waisted dresses and full skirts, she was a kind of vixenish moll. Herrera didn't stint on fur, which was one of the collection's major statements, whether wrapping around a bodice (a bit much of a muchness) or trimming felt belts that emphasized those tiny waists. So tiny, in fact, you wondered how the collection might scale up to the size of regular women in place of the slivers on the runway today. But Herrera's clothes were classy enough, and possessed of enough guff, that even the most teenaged of the runway belles looked to be of stauncher stuff just for the wearing. There's nothing entry-level about that. Once again, Herrera showed the new guard how it's done. If the whole was a bit beholden to its historical reference, the collection nevertheless made its point.