Japanese Skincare - DHC

      Over the years I have used different brands of cosmetics, some more famous than the others, some less known, but not less effective, and now I'll share with you one of my favourite names!
Recently I discovered a well-known Japanese brand called DHC. It is a leading manufacturer of cheap cosmetics, healthy foods, vitamins, lingerie. Abroad is mostly famous for its cosmetics. It has been established in 1972, and the flagship of the company is: "Virgin Olive Oil".
      One of the products I loved straight away is: Deep Cleansing Oil - probably one of the most amaizing cleansers I have used. It takes off even the waterproof makeup, leaves your face soft and velvety to touch; has a completely water-soluble formula; the olive oil  and vitamin E, don't leave your skin dry:). You can dispense it into dry hands, massage your face well, and then rinse thoroughly. I was very happy seeing the skin all soft and baby like afterwards.

   The other product I used is the: Velvet Skin Coat - It is a beautiful primer, that evens out the skin, fills in the fine lines and creases, leaving your skin flawless. You can apply it after your moisturizer onto areas of concern as fine lines or visible pores. If you have quite oily skin, you can apply it on its own, personally I have a to apply a serum or cream first, otherwise my skin feels dry. If you're still not sure about buying these products, you can always ask for samples at the stores where they sell them, and I'm pretty sure you'll get addicted!